2018: A Space Gossipy
This is a story about one cat who was not killed by his curiosity. His name is Kiri, and yes, he is very curious. Kiri's small pleasure in life is travelling through the universe and collect gossip and rumors. Fly close to planets and align your communiactor beam with theirs to open communication and receive gossip. Get 1000 liters of gossip juice to win. Crash into asteroids to lose.
Art & Design: Dana Peretz
Programming: Helge Holm
Sound effects obtained from Zapsplat
Music by incompetech.com
Download Here

(Mac executable in the Source Files under "SpaceGossipy/release/mac_64bit/")

The game was created in Bergen Game Jam 2018.

Design and code by

Solance - Dana Peretz © 2020 (orgnr. 915 086 071)